TBX is a Manufacturer of High Quality Exhaust Mufflers and components for high performance motor vehicles. It is recognised as an advanced brand utilising high grade materials and technologically integrated components that help to control and Tune the performance and sound of a performance exhaust system.

The establishment of TBX began in 2017 when the use of valve controlled exhaust systems were being strongly utilised by leading OEM manufacturers. The purpose of TBX is to continually design and develop universal exhaust components that can be utilised in the production of High Performance Exhaust Systems with Technological attachments.

TBX Mufflers and Components are not specifically associated with one brand of performance exhaust. It is widely available and adaptable to multiple brands and custom applications. Such Products include Bi-Modal mufflers, Tuneable Mufflers, Bypass Valves, Cutout Valves, electronically controlled Valve Motors and many associated components. Some Vehicles TBX products have been developed on include, Camaro, Mustang, HSV GTS, FPV GT, AUDI RS5, VW Golf-R, JEEP SRT, Chrysler SRT, Dodge Ram, Silverado, Ford Ranger Raptor.

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