• Warranty will be given on faulty goods.
• All headers have a 2 year period of warranty.
• Stainless Steel systems have a 5 year warranty.
• Stainless Steel Mufflers have a 3 year warranty.
• Metallic Catalytic Converters have a 1 year warranty.
• All other products have a 1 year period of warranty.
• Warranty will not be accepted for gas vehicles unless otherwise specified.
• All products are warranted for normal road use only.
• Warranty is not covered for incorrect fitment.
• Modified or damaged goods in any form will void warranty.
• No labour costs including fitment, or removal will be warranted or covered.
• Warrant replacement will have no charge (freight charges excluded)
• Heat wrapping any product voids all warranty.
• Goods will only be replaced in the form stated on original purchase invoice
• All claims must be accompanied with original purchase invoice.
• Non Hurricane products are entitled to manufacturers warranty.
• Any statute or common law right is applicable to the consumer.
• Gaskets are not covered under warranty.
• Goods will only be replaced or credited, not refunded.
• Warranties must be reffered to place of original purchase.
• Does not cover oxygen sensors, spark plugs, leads or wiring instruments.
• Costs for freight, labour, gaskets etc; are the responsibility of the customer.
• All warranty is only for manufacturers workmanship defects.
• Warranty will not be given for goods damaged or lost in transit


    Invidia Exhausts Australia warrants all of its products with a limited lifetime warranty policy. Warranty claims must be accompanied by the original sales receipt from an authorised dealer.

    A trained professional must install all Invidia products. Any issues with compatibility or installation should be addressed before attempting to install the product. No modifications are to be made with out the consent of Invidia Exhausts Australia. Warranty will be voided if not installed by qualified person or Authorised Dealer.

    If warranty is approved, all items MUST be shipped back to Invidia Exhausts Australia at owners cost, where we will inspect the product and repair or replace at our discretion. Item then will be shipped back to customer. Replacement parts will not be sent out until the warranty item is returned.

    All purchases of Invidia Exhausts MUST be registered with Invidia Exhausts Australia to activate all Warranty. This must be done with in 60 days of purchase. Please fill out online form. All instructions will be inside the Invidia product.

    Lifetime Warranty covers:

    • Structural welds
    • Mufflers and its internals
    • Cracks
    • Manufacture defect
    • Lifetime warranty is covered for the original purchaser only.
    • Australian Invidia Products only. Invidia Purchased from USA or overseas will not be warranted in Australia at all.

      Lifetime Warranty does not cover:

      • Catalytic Convertors. (1 Years warranty)
      • Logo or Invidia Badge falling off
      • Scrapes or scrubbing
      • Crashes
      • G5 Titanium Exhausts. (12 months on G5 Titans.)


        • Each Redback 4x4 Exhaust product carries a 5-year warranty. 
        • An extended 10-year warranty is available for all Redback 4x4 Exhaust purchases made online via the Redback website or from an Authorised Redback Dealer.
        • You are also eligible for an extended 10-year warranty if you register your Redback 4x4 Exhaust purchase.